maxilite AG
Hügelstrasse 44
CH-8002 Zürich Switzerland

Fon: +41 787 989 891
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Credit Suisse AG
IBAN: CH08 0483 5174 9993 5200 0

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UID DE 261 218 261

Responsible for content: Martina Bauer

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General terms and conditions

Our general terms define the contractual duties of maxilite AG and it’s customers. Different terms of our customers are not valid.


The following terms are valid for all contracts, deliveries and other business issues. All additions need to be agreed with maxilite and need to be done in writing. Maxilite reserves the right to alter the general terms. Orders received previous to changing of the general terms are being dealt with considering the former general terms.

Contractual duties

The order of a customer is a binding one. Maxilite has the right to accept this order within 2 weeks delivering the goods or sending an order confirmation.

Change of price or product, deliveries

Prices are fixed prices accoring to the prices communicated in our website. Prices include VAT and transport cost within European countries. Transport costs to other destinations are subject to individual calculation. Maxilite reserves the right to refuse orders and to refrain from sending the ordered goods if they re not available. In these cases we will inform you as soon as possible and send back the money.


Delivery of the ordered products will be made using appropriate packaging. Maxilite reserves the right to do partial shipments.

Delivery time

Goods that are on stock will be sent with 1-3 working days after receiving the payment of the customer. In case goods are not on stock, maxilite tries to deliver them as quickly as possible.

Owner of goods

All goods delivered will remain property of maxilite until they are fully paid by the customer.

Data security

Following § 28 „Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (BDSG)“ maxilite informs that data necessary to conduct business will be processed and stored using IT euqipment accorinding to § 33 (BDSG). Personal data will be dealt with confidetially and not being sold to adress dealers etc.

Court of jurisdiction

Court of jurisdiction ist the court in Berne, Switzerland. Maxilite has the right to sue at teh court responsible fort he purchaser.

Applicable laws

The laws of Switzerland are applicable, overruling all bi- and/or multilateral agreements concerning the sale or purchase of goods, especially the UN-rules concerning internationalsales from April 11th, 1980 (CISG).

Other issues

If one or more parts of the general terms are not valid, the validity of the other parts is not being affected. Parts of the general terms which are not valid will be superceded by the appropriate laws of Switzerland

Status November 2008